Looking for a Place to Eat in Broussard, LA?

Looking for a Place to Eat in Broussard, LA?

Sample our delicious Italian dishes

Sometimes, choosing where to eat is difficult. Make the decision easy: choose a local restaurant that suits all occasions. Misfits Dine and Drink is full of well-loved people and staff members in Broussard, LA. We offer lunch, dinner, and takeout options that will leave you feeling satisfied. You'll love meals that are made with fresh ingredients and classic recipes.

Ask us about our menu now. You can reach us by calling 337-451-8451.

Combining classic flavors and modern techniques

Italy is known for delicious food. That's why we've based our recipes on classic dishes from the heart of Italy. Once we mastered classic recipes, we added our unique spin to create innovative cuisine. When you come to our local restaurant, you can enjoy:

  • Signature pizzas, piled high with flavorful toppings and gooey cheese
  • Garden-fresh salads with crunchy croutons and tangy dressings

Can't decide on a place to eat? Order from Misfits Dine and Drink in Broussard, LA today.